Pen in hand

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Giving up disposible pens and relearning how to write with a fountain pen is not likely to result in a great financial savings. The most obvious benefit is that I will be keeping the disposibles out of the landfill, but the greater benefit will be symbolic. Every time I take the pen in hand, I'll be reminded of my resolution to avoid disposible products wherever possible.

My "new" pen was one my husband had when he was a graduate student at Princeton, so I'm certain it was an instrument by which many brilliant thoughts were committed to paper. If I'm lucky, maybe some of that youthful brilliance will flow back to me as I write with this pen.

I did a little research online today, and it appears that the pen is a Parker 45, with a converter to hold the ink. We had some writing ink and I was able to clean and fill the pen without much trouble. My sample writing was not too bad. I think I'll enjoy this.