What's Next

Here are some home improvement projects we want to undertake, not necessarily in 2009, or in this order:

  • upgrade the electricity (contract out)
  • install ceiling fan and light in bathroom (include with electrical upgrade)
  • install outlet in bathroom closet (include with electrical upgrade)
  • continue work on basement walls (DIY)
  • patch and paint living room and front stairs (DIY)
  • install new hardwood floor in living room and dining room (contract out)
  • paint/paper bathroom ceiling and walls (DIY)
  • install new mirror in bathroom (DIY)
  • patch and paint master bedroom (DIY)
  • install new blinds in master bedroom (DIY)
  • replace driveway (contract out)
  • consider converting garage to family room (contract out and DIY)
  • patch and paint office (DIY)