Forest Trail, revisited

Friday, October 16th, 2009

We hadn't completed even half of the Forest Trail on the first day of our Eastern Shore trip, so on the last day we went back to see if we could finish the job. Not a chance. We were far too busy feasting our eyes on a dozen or so more new-to-us mushrooms species to make any time hiking.

The mushrooms we could identify, some of them tenatively, were Marasmius siccus, several examples of Hygrophorus coccineus, Macrotyphula juncea, Phlebia incarnata, Phallus ravenelii, two large Laetiporus cincinnatus, Clavaria vermicularis, and a Grifola frondosa. (Yes, another hen after the one at Pemberton Park.) Among the more interesting finds was a "mutant" Russula, with an additional cap growing on top of the primary cap. Very cool.

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