Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26th, 2009
Thanksgiving 2009
What happens when the children aren't children anymore? They start hosting family events! This year Amy offered to host the Thanksgiving gathering, and what a good time it was. The kids arrived the day before for sibling partying and then worked together on Thanksgiving Day to prepare the family meal. All Paul and I had to do was show up. Of course we brought something -- nut roast and some mushroom appetizers -- but the responsibility for the meal was all on the new adult generation. We enjoyed good conversation and music along with the traditional meal, and then a long walk in a streamside park where the air was fresh and invigorating. We capped the evening with a post-stroll coffee and pastries. It was a lovely get-together, and a reminder in so many ways of all we have that we are thankful for.

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