Black Point 2009

Monday, August 10th, 2009

The focus of our summer vacation is always Black Point where we gather with extended family, enjoy the warm weather and take Nana for her swim! This year all our kids were able to come up, though not all at the same time.


Alex, to our amazement, bicycled up from Philadelphia. He got well into Connecticut before the light gave out and I drove down to bring him the rest of the way in. The next morning he tuned up the bike and forestalled any stiffness setting in by, naturally, more riding. Paul's kids arrived later in the day just in time to get some beach time while the sun was still shining. Later in the day Alex joined all the cousins on an evening sail on theĀ Illusion.


We all enjoyed some sunny weather on Saturday when Alex was on his return to Philadelphia (by local trains to NYC and by bike the rest of the way) on Saturday, and that night William arrived at Old Saybrook Station. As luck would have it, he lost his wallet on the train and didn't notice it was gone until the train pulled out of the station. Fortunately the ticket office was still open, and the station master called the conductor, who checked the car where William had been sitting. He found the wallet! As if that weren't enough, the station master called up to New London, and the station master there offered to take the wallet and hold it for us. It cost us another hour or so in travel time, but we were very grateful that it turned out so well. Hurray for Amtrak!

Beanbag baseball

The sun refused to make an appearance on Sunday, but that being William's only day at the beach, we got out for a game of beanbag baseball. Great wet fun. Then it was time to relax and enjoy the company of family we don't see nearly enough.


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