Villanova retirement celebration

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
VU retirement party

Friends and family join the celebration

My retirement celebration took place in the President’s Lounge of Villanova University on Wednesday, November 19, 2008.  After more than forty-two years at Villanova, I have retired from my full-time tenure position and am transistioning into part-time work as a faculty adjunct.  The Psychology Department hosted the event, and speakers were Tom Toppino (Psychology), Joe Betz (Philosophy and Liberal Studies), Connie Romer-Quirin (former graduate student who received her degree under my direction), and Bob Murray (Augustinian priest, colleague, and a former student).

VU retirement presentation

Paul's retrospection on the Villanova years

My presentation was entitled Villanova: Past, Present and Future. Here’s a synopsis: The slide show began with pictures from the early years of my career.  I had opportunities for extensive reading and travel to various “hot spots” in the Middle East.  This interest in peace activities has continued up to the present, including activities with Villanovans for Peace.  As faculty advisor to the group, I was authorized to send mass emails to the entire Villanova community of more than 10,000.  Although many were supportive of my efforts, this was by no means universal. During all this time I maintained my commitment to the values of teaching and the academic life.  By my activities to educate about peace, I have inspired both activism and controversy, and I expect to continue many of these activities as I transistion into part-time work.

I will be teaching two courses for the Psychology Department as an adjunct this coming semester. However, perhaps most importantly, I hope to once again have sufficient time to devote to reading and mental enrichment.  Ironically, the demands of full-time academic work have substantially hindered such intellectual growth in recent years.  I also look forward to having more time for vigorous travel outdoors, and to share all this with my beloved wife Fran.

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