Hiking at Rolling Hill Park

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
Hiking at Rolling Hill Park
One of the area's best kept secrets is Rolling Hill Park in Gladwyne, a 103-acre park owned by the Lower Merion Conservancy. Saturday seemed like a good day to check it out, since they were leading a "winter trek" through the woods and along Mill Creek. Too good to keep to ourselves, Dim and I brought friends out from South Philadelphia, where they don't see nearly enough of nature. Lindsay Smith, Education Coordinator of the Conservancy, led the trekkers and commented on the history and features, natural and man-made, of the area. Our group certainly enjoyed the outing, and even the two little ones were happy hikers the entire distance, which (I'm guessing) was about 3 miles.


I can recommend this park for trails that are hillier than in other local parks, and for the educational programs Lindsay leads. (Thanks to Dim for the photo of our group.)


Mill Creek