WE HAVE MOVED to Media, PA -- Everybody’s Hometown.

Monday, July 22nd, 2013
The move was born of our desire to live a simpler life in a vibrant community and with less “stuff.” While the process of moving was a challenge (see my blog), we are now well established in a sixteen-foot-wide row house that features a narrow but deep backyard that can support a garden and a small chicken coop. I now have less than half the clothing I had a year ago, less than half the books, and much less of memory items (e.g., I rid myself of a fleet of three small boats, a vintage motorcycle, and my collections of old electronics and electric toy trains). Maintenance should be much less of a concern — there is much less to maintain. The bus stops almost at our front door, the train to center city is two blocks south, and the Media trolley is two blocks north. There is a fresh produce stand across the street, and we are in walking distance of Trader Joe’s. The store will serve as our pantry. We are members of an organic community farm (Hillside Farm) little more than a mile away, where we go weekly for our fresh vegetables. All the facilities of a thriving town (e.g., library) are in walking distance of us. We are conveniently located for folks to drop in (remember when that used to be common). Almost across the street from our back yard is a public park, and there are others in walking distance. We are expectant that this will be community living the way it was intended to be.