Blizzard Backpacking

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
Blizzard Backpacking - 7

As soon as we got the news that Villanova would be closed the next day in anticipation of a blizzard, we were on our way out the door with our backpacks on.  We hiked from our house into some nearby woods to our destination squat that is inaccessible to all but the stalwart or/and foolhardy We arrived at our site after a hike through untrodden snow and drifts and streams, just in time to set up our tent in near dark and the start of falling snow. During the night I wondered why the tent was touching my nose – we were buried in snow and had to knock it off a number of times. In the morning we had breakfast (same as dinner the night before, Fran’s excellent bread pudding) and hot tea. Then a nice hike out, and home safe and sound and warm. My mother and various Facebook friends are still trying to figure out just how crazy are we? It’s fun to be married to my crazy soulmate.

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