Welcoming 2009 in Media, PA

Thursday, January 1st, 2009
New Year 2009

Ready to begin the countdown

Once again friends gathered at the Iron Hill Brewery in Media ("Everybody's Hometown") for our annual New Year's Eve celebration. Just before midnight, we walked out onto State Street and a half a block west to Brodeur's to watch the famous ball drop.

This year, we had hopes that the crowds would be able to count in synch, because countdown clock was projected on the side of the restaurant when we were down to the last minute. Sure enough, the crowd was screaming out the seconds in unison, but the ball was not in synch with the clock. The ball hit bottom and the 2009 lit up just as the crowd shouted out, "NINE." Well, maybe next year. Or maybe not. It doesn't matter in the least, and maybe even adds to the charm.

Here are some photos.